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I forgot my username and password

Simply visit the member login page of the website you joined and click the “forgot password” link. Fill in the form and it will send you an automatic email with the information. If you haven’t received this email please check your spam folder.

I can’t log in, why is that?

Please make sure you’re typing in your correct username and password. Please note that both of them are case sensitive. Also do not copy and paste the username or password since there is a chance you copy an “empty space” with it.

My account has been blocked, why?

Accounts get automatically blocked when your account has been accessed by 5 or more IP addresses. There can be a number of reasons why this happens though:

  • - Your internet service providers keeps on changing your IP
  • - Someone got ahold of your login info
  • - You shared your login info with friends
  • - You tried to enjoy our sites on more than 4 different devices

How do I unblock my account?

Solving this is quite easy. All you have to do is try to login. When you get the message saying your account has been blocked just follow the instructions on screen. Please make sure you check your email because you will receive a new password. If you haven’t received this email please check your spam folder.

Can I prevent my account being constantly blocked?

Yes, you can! Just contact support via our ticket system and request them to “whitelist” your account. This will stop this from happening.

I don’t recognize the charge on my credit card statement.

We are using several different companies to handle our subscriptions. This means that there are several different names which can appear. When you subscribe you will be send an email with the information and the name that will appear on your statement.

How can I verify I’m successfully cancelled?

Upon cancellation you will be sent an email with a confirmation message. If you cannot locate this email please check your spam folder.

How does the trial membership work?

The trial membership is a way to check out our member area before you decide to upgrade to the full membership. The trial membership will only give you access to a limited amount of content. Once the trial period is over you will automatically enroll into a full membership which comes with all the benefits of the regular memberships.

How do I cancel my membership?

Cancelling is very easy. Just visit our cancellation page here ( and follow the instructions.

Which billers do you use?

We use these billers: Manica Media S.L, Vendo, Webbiling, Epoch, CommerceGate and 2000Charge

How do I download a video?

PC Users - Downloading is very simple, just locate on the bottom right below the video player the “download” options. Simply “right click” on the file you’re interested in and click “save target as”. MAC Users - When you’re using Chrome or Firefox (preferred), just locate on the bottom right below the video player the “download” options. Simply hold the CMD button or “right click” on the mouse, next you simply click “save as” and it will save the file to your hard disk.

Which browser do you recommend for using your website?

Best browsers to use are Google Chrome ( and Mozilla Firefox ( These 2 browsers offer the best in security and speed. We do not support the AOL browser, Yahoo Web Browser or Microsoft IE6 and earlier versions.

Video playback is choppy. What can I do?

HD video requires a better than average internet connection and computer, so if you have a slow connection or older computer, you may experience issues. If you can’t do anything about that, try the following:

  • - Select a lower video quality from the drop-down under the video player
  • - Turn off other programs you may be running like, virus protection, ad blocker, or energy saving settings
  • - Stop any files that you may be downloading in the background
  • - Try closing other browser tabs if you have many opened
  • - Try a different browser. We recommend the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox.

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